JDS is committed to providing a valuable homeowner service with impeccable design and installation.

  • We work on ALL-Size projects, from a simple backsplash to entire rooms. Even a small change can have a big impact.
  • We offer a no-cost consultation in your home and assist you in selecting materials that fit your daily lifestyle.
  • Our company has a long track record of successful homeowner home improvement projects.

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JDS will submit all necessary documents, specifications on materials to be installed, along with required insurance certifications required by condo and homeowner associations.

  • We follow community guidelines for construction hours, waste disposal, and safety for our workers and your community.
  • We are fully up to speed on required sound control codes and sound barriers for condominiums.
  • We offer a one-stop project management service and 24/7 access direct access. Update reports and professional communication throughout the project.

References Available | Drug-Free Workplace | Licensed & Insured


JDS works with property managers or directly with your clients. We ensure your clients are treated with the utmost respect and priority. All necessary documents for liability and workers’ compensation insurance will be made available.

  • We are fully licensed and insured for commercial and residential construction and available to work on all size projects.
  • Accurate estimating, effective time management, and the ability to meet deadlines is a hallmark of our company.
  • Efficient organizational and multi-tasking abilities ensuring every detail is attended to you and your client’s satisfaction.

References Available | Drug-Free Workplace | Licensed & Insured


  • We can meet with you on the project site or view your plans and provide estimates, material samples suited to your job.
  • We are available to work on new construction, remodel or commercial projects, and service small to large size jobs.
  • We follow all guidelines and requirements to meet Florida codes for sound control and are a licensed and insured sub-contracting company.

References Available | Drug-Free Workplace | Licensed & Insured